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Pet Scales




Fact:-Approximately 40% of Dogs
and 33% of Cats are Overweight or Obese


Pet health complications ranging from obesity to worming incorrectly are increasing at an alarming rate.
Offer your customers a 'hassle-free' & accurate means of monitoring their pets weight and increase sales& paw trafficto your business. Give your clients total confidence that their pet is receiving the right product for their weight.


" Everyone benefits from having healthier pets"


* Coin Operated
* Digital Display of Weight & Local Time
* Date, Time & Weight Printed Receipts
* Advertising, Brochure & Marketing Provisions
* High-Technology Movement Compensation
* Accuracy Compliant to International Weighing Standards
* Pat. Pending


Our slim-line coin operated scale features high-tech compensation software to calibrate pets even if they are slightly moving, which is a unique feature to PETcheck and is accurate to International Weighing Standards (most other platform scales do not meet this high standard). A bright clear and easy to read digital display shows the weight of the pet and the local time, the owner also receives a printed receipt which also shows the time, date, weight and is programmable to promote your product and stores details.

The PETcheck scale has also been specifically manufactured to integrate marketing opportunities and has provisions for digital print advertising with two brochure holders, allowing the in-house promotion and education of specific products for your customers. This is a lucrative tool in a competitive world of advertising and it instantly exposes the consumer to your branding / products and cements the correlation of your products with the consumer. 
Taking the marketing approach one step further as an optional extra, our pet scale can be interfaced with other equipment, pc's etc. and additionally the back of the printed receipt can be also used as a ‘shopper docket' marketing tool with promotional advertising and or discount offers.

PETcheck is extremely user friendly, robust, accurate, reliable and designed for easy wipe down. Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2000 International Quality Standards, which is your further guarantee of accurate and reliable weighing.


"PETcheck opens up a whole new world of customer service, experience and marketing possibilities".


* Digital Display of Weight
* High Accuracy & Reliability
* Zero Tracking, Tare & Hold Functions
* Measures in Kgs or Ibs
* Compact and Easily Transportable
* User Friendly & Battery Operated




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