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Funky Pets is a division of 'Funky Products International'. Initially we designed and manufactured 'Hi Tech' scales for animals, which are used for wide range of animals including many Melbourne cup winners.

To weigh Elephants, Gorillas, Lions & Tigers, Giraffes, Hippos, Orangutans in Borneo, and just about every type of animal you will find in a zoo or in the wild. They all need to be weighed for diet & medication purposes.

Many of our services in this area are donated and some of these organisations include: Greenpeace, WSPA, Orangutans society of Borneo, Royal Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo, Lost Dogs home and RSPCA just to name a few. Please refer to our bushfire/accident rescue & donations section where you will see various rescued animals incl. several Koalas, being weighed on our donated scales.

We also work in closely with several wildlife shelters, offering various forms of support and assistance.

Funky Pets is a designer and manufacturer of only 'unique products' and our research & Development team spend countless hours constantly designing 'new & unique' products & items. We are basically a supplier to a Worldwide distributor/reseller network, and we do not own or operate our own stores.

Our manufacturing centres are located in Australia, Thailand & China and we constantly travel the World not only attending trade shows and also exhibiting, but we talk to people to see what their needs are and we really appreciate constructive criticism and also welcome your suggestions, questions, opinions and ideas on what the pet market needs in the way of new product development, so feel free to send us an email.

So remember when you support a Funky Pets product, give your self a 'pat on the back' because indirectly you are also supporting the wide range of organisations who solely live to 'Help the Domestic & Wildlife animals' who we donate to and support.

'If we don't help the animals - who will'


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